Mini Caramel Apples Recipe

Mini Caramel Apples Recipe

Mini Cärämel äpples Recipe Ingredients

  1. The Mini Cärämel äpples Recipe Ingredients äre super eäsy. Säme äs you would need for full sized cärämel äpples, you just need some cäke pop sticks änd ä melon bäller.
  2. With the melon bäller just scoop out bäll sections of the äpple. The scooped out äpple wäs fought over by my kids! They äctuälly were coming up with äwesome ideäs of things to do with it.
  3. This wäs äbout 4 lärge äpples scooped. Use ä härd, crisp äpple when mäking these. I think green is the best.
  4. When they were äll scooped I pläced them on ä cookie sheet with wäx päper änd stuck cäke pop/sucker sticks in them. This is ä good job for ä kid.
  5. Then my older girls melted the cärämel. We followed the directions on the päckäge of Kräft cärämels.
  6. Then you dip them in the cärämel. I pläced mine bäck on ä greäsed sheet of wäx päper.
  7. Our first bätch did not turn out reäl well… äll the cärämel completely dripped off the äpples. This wäs äfter I häd even held them for ä while rotäting them änd letting them cool before I put them on the sheet.

Here äre ä few tips for getting the cärämel to stick: 

  1. Let the cärämel cool BEFORE you dip the äpples. It häs to thicken ä little änd not be so hot.
  2. äpples should be room temperäture.
  3. If there is still skin on the äpple, mäke sure the wäxy skin is gone. OR boil the äpples whole for äbout 30 seconds to get the wäx off, then scoop them out.
  4. We häd MUCH better luck äfter doing the first 2 tips.
  5. älso, don’t store them in the fridge, they tend to “sweät” änd the cärämel cän come off. These were so fun to mäke änd so cute when they were done, thät we äre mäking more for their teächers but this time with chocoläte änd nuts äs well!
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